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A day’s cycling along the Dolce Via

You don’t have to be sporty to enjoy a huge helping of fresh air on our bridle paths. Along the Dolce Via, the ViaRhôna or La Payre, the kilometres roll on and on amid a gently changing landscape … So why not escape to the country for a family outing in picture postcard scenery?

I live in the town centre.

My gig is to get our small gang together and escape for the weekend for a dose of nature, sport (not too much!) and great company.

For years now, we do the same thing: cycle the 85km of the Dolce Via over two days.

It’s easy to organise and simply magic – the Eyrieux valley in spring-time with all its colourful landscapes, little villages and the gentle Dolce Via all to ourselves!

Next year, we’ve promised ourselves to try out the section leaving from Lamastre.





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