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Take a bike ride along the foot and cycle paths

For centuries, the pretty river banks of the Rhône and its tributaries provided a natural travel network for local people.

But steam trains and towing horses belong to the past, today it’s all about the bike! Leave your cares behind and enjoy our great itinerary of cycle paths – no traffic, no stress, just beautiful countryside and gorgeous villages as you pedal carefree beside the winding river.

You don’t have to be sporty to enjoy a huge helping of fresh air on our bridle paths. Along the Dolce Via, the ViaRhôna or La Payre, the kilometres roll on and on amid a gently changing landscape … So why not escape to the country for a family outing in picture postcard scenery?

With more than 150km reserved for you and your mountain bike, it’s the perfect weekend break. Go on, you know you want to. Get on your bike!

Poursuivez votre découverte des incontournables de notre territoire